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Yoga ~ Wellness ~ Community

Luma is an award-winning yoga studio, wellness center, family retreat, and gathering place.

We offer a variety of yoga and movement classes, wellness services, and unique programming for all ages.

Visit Luma to stretch, play, and renew.

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​Beneath Behavior: A Closer Look At Meditation

Posted on February 11, 2016

I like to think of my time on my meditation cushion as a vacation. A vacation from the rapidly ticking mind, a vacation from the conditioned, habituated ways I respond to challenges or emotions. My time in silence takes me underneath these layers to a very simple place where observing breath and feeling my way into quiet spaciousness are the only tasks at hand. Tasks is not exactly the right word, as that elicits a sense of obligation which isn’t accurate or reflective of the experience. More so than tasks, these realities simply unfold when I close my eyes and sit.

Some days, when internal background noise or the pull of external distraction is particularly acute, they can be hard to access. Other days, they are right there, peacefully waiting to receive and welcome me, as soon as I settle into position.



Flow & Strengthen: A Special Class with Brittany Caesar

Sat. March 12, 1-3 pm

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200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

May 2016 - February 2017

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