Workshops, Events & Specialty Classes for Expecting Parents, Families and Kids

In addition to our weekly yoga schedule, Luma offers unique workshops and specialty classes for pregnant women and expecting couples, parents and babies, families, and kids of all ages.

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    Community Prenatal Series

    Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

    Take advantage of the opportunity to meet other expecting parents, share your experiences, and clarify what you learn in your prenatal classes with our Omni Doulas and a group of pregnant peers.

    Pregnant women and couples interested in meeting our doula team and are invited to drop in to any Community Prenatal session as a workshop.


    • FREE to clients using Omni Doulas Services
    • $15 per couple
    • $12 for Luma members

    Upcoming Community Prenatal Sessions:

    October 25th: Comfort Tools & Partner Skills for Labor

    Doulas love supporting and empowering your birth partner, too. We’ll be discussing some do’s and don’ts in labor while practicing tools and tips for partners to help mom feel more relaxed.

    November 8th: Birth Planning - Crafting your Birth Wishes

    We will outline your options, choices and possibilities in childbirth, the benefits of setting a wish-list for birth, and discuss the importance of holding birth intentions with an open hand, inviting what is most needed.

    November 22nd: The 4th Trimester Part 1: Living in Harmony with Your Newborn

    Keeping in mind all babies come to us with their own unique little personalities, let’s discuss typical behaviors and needs you can expect during the first three months after birth. (Our Doula Team stays on-call for clients through the entire 4th Trimester!)


    Toddler & Me: A Special Series at MOD

    Wednesdays, Oct. 25 - Dec. 6

    We are thrilled to partner with our friends over at the Museum of Discovery to bring you a line up of our favorite parent + child yoga and movement classes!

    Toddler + Me: for ages 1-2 years

    10:00 - 11:00 am

    These classes offer tot-centric songs, poses, and activities that enhance a fun-loving relationship. Parents model the use of music with movement which encourages and supports toddlers' mobility and exploration.

    Registration per series: $90

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    Natural Labor: Comfort Express with Kaili Reynolds

    Sundays, 2:30 - 6:30pm

    In this express workshop, parents will experience each phase of labor through movement, breath-awareness, massage, and partner support. You will learn how your baby, your pelvis, your mind, and a support partner can work together in bringing your baby earth-side.

    Our 2-day workshop is designed for:

    • parents who want more exposure to tricks and tools that can support natural childbirth after taking a hospital class, but do not have the time for an additional full series

    as well as

    • parents who are birthing and want a chance to connect with this pregnancy in preparation for growing your family

    Registration for this class includes a free birth rebozo to be used in pregnancy, labor and the 4th trimester. A rebozo is a long, woven fabric used for comfort in pregnancy, progress in labor, and baby wearing.

    Price: $225 per couple (members 20% of)

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    Let's Talk About Sex

    Saturdays, Feb 3 + 10, 2:00 - 6:00 pm

    Remember your first conversation about sex as a young person? Did it go something like, Don’t do it or you will get pregnant, Wait until marriage, or perhaps a mention of the birds and the bees?

    What if you had received a more comprehensive education about sex as you moved through adolescence?

    How would your sexual journey have unfolded had you been given the tools to explore your sexuality free of shame and with the support of your most trusted educators - your parents?

    We invite you to join Amy Baldwin and Gina Lepore for a radical approach to sex education. Become an ally for your teenagers as they learn about their sexuality. In this 2-class intensive for parents and young teens (ages 11-14), we will break through the intimidating conversations around sexual health and pleasure.

    These classes will give you the tools to work through your own fears with the intention of becoming your teen’s most trusted resource. The following three classes are for parents and teens. The material will be age-appropriate, and covered with sensitivity for varying preferences, orientations, perspectives, and levels of experience. Classes will include insightful lectures, fun exercises, and opportunity for discussion within a safe container.

    Topics include (but are not limited to):

    • How to talk to your kids about sex
    • Creating self love/self worth/self-esteem
    • Being a positive role model for healthy relationships
    • Embracing/accepting vulnerability
    • Learning to love your body
    • Eradicating shame around pleasure
    • Boundaries, negotiation, and consent
    • Safer sex practices
    • Strengthening communication skills
    • Dating and healthy relationships

    This is a special opportunity to deepen your connection with your teen while paving the way for a future of healthy and safe choices.

    Breaks with snacks included!

    Registration: $120 per parent/child (members 20% off). Sibling Rate: $30

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