Birth/Postpartum Doula

Luma Doula Team

The Luma Doula Team is professionally trained, informed by our collective experience of hundreds of births, well respected by birth professionals for our collaborative care, and invested in facilitating healthy outcomes and positive labor experiences.

Expecting parents who engage the services of the Luma Doula Team are invited to attend monthly Community Prenatal Sessions at no charge. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet parents in your community, share your experiences, and clarify what you learn in your prenatal classes with our professional team and a group of pregnant peers.

We make sure to provide individualized care to each client by providing a discovery session to set your birth intentions in the privacy of your home, taking the time to address your questions and concerns about labor and birth, and offering the necessary assistance to map out the best birth plan for your family. Our clients also receive unlimited educational support via phone and email during business hours, continuous on-call care no matter your gestation, and immediate support from early active labor, through the birth of your baby and until baby’s first feeding. Team Care allows us the unique ability to always have someone ready to serve you!

To contact the Luma Doula Team directly, please email or call (831) 295-3972

The Luma Doula Team is pleased to offer the following services:

Prenatal Care

  • Community Prenatal Sessions on various prenatal, birth, and postnatal topics held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at Luma
  • Tools for crafting your personal Birth Plan/Wish List
  • Discussion of your pain medication preferences/wishes
  • Tips for packing your birth bag
  • Practice various calming and positioning skills for labor
  • Outline basic needs, concerns, and priorities for your newborn
  • 24/7 on-call line to address immediate questions and concerns from the date of hire through birth and the 4th Trimester
  • Up to two additional private prenatal meetings with your Team at Luma to address unforeseen variables like induction or cesarean birth

Labor and Birth Support

  • Establish immediate phone contact in early labor
  • Specific suggestions and personalized coping techniques in early labor
  • In-home and hands on support during early active labor
  • Work with your medical practitioner to determine the best time to leave for the hospital
  • Encourage, inform and reassure you as medical choices and necessities are presented by your care providers
  • Support at the hospital throughout the birth and baby’s first hours

Postnatal Mentoring & Infant Care Education

  • In-home consult to ensure the health & happiness of each family member
  • Assistance with breastfeeding questions
  • Education & Support with nutritional needs of the birthing mother & newborn
  • Holistic Health Referral Check-in

Postnatal Assistance

  • Support your intentions concerning newborn care and procedures
  • Initiate baby’s first feeding after birth
  • In-home visit with your attending Doula
  • 24/7 on-call line for the 4th Trimester

Luma Doulas believe that all families deserve the benefits of a doula, no matter how your baby is born. We understand that mothers who must give birth via major surgery deserve extra special care and support. Our Planned Cesarean Birth Support includes:

  • A private prenatal session to discuss your planned cesarean birth choices
  • Greeting you at the hospital for preoperative support
  • Facilitating immediate skin-to-skin bonding after the birth of your baby
  • Emotional support during surgery repair (if allowed) and immediate recovery
  • Assistance with comfortable breastfeeding positions
  • Two postnatal consults


Members Non-Members
Santa Cruz County Residents $1620 $1800
South Bay Area Residents $1800 $2000
Postpartum Doula Care $36 per hour $40 per hour
Community Prenatal Session (FREE to Birth Doula clients) $12 per person/couple $15 per person/couple